Aqua Computer Announces the VISION Lineup of Watercooling Add-ons

What will water blocks look like in the future? This was the question that Aqua Computer has asked itself before they started developing VISION.
From this question emerged the idea for an OLED display integrated to water coolers.
aqua-vision-touch-1During the development of the display integration, Aqua Computer realized that there are many other stand-alone use cases for this product – and as such, the VISION product line was born. In addition to the pure display functionality, VISION has been extended in variants with touch control, infrared receiver and RGB-LED. A menu-driven setup has been integrated and VISION also has a whole range of inputs and outputs: both a temperature sensor and a flow sensor can be directly connected to VISION. The solution can display various system information like temperatures, fan speed, CPU load or memory usage and also values from other Aqua Computer devices. The aquasuite 2017 software allows to choose from customizable layout templates.

aqua-vision-touch-3Main features:

  • OLED Display 128 x 64 pixel
  • Connection for flow- and temperature-sensor
  • USB interface
  • aquabus interface
  • Touch-control (depending on model)
  • IR interface
  • RGB-LED (depending on model)
  • Integrated clock with timer and alarm function
  • Shows Media info from Spotify and iTunes
  • Keys can be used for media control or keyboard shortcuts
  • Mouse and keyboard functionality with aquaremote
  • Notepad function
  • Connects to aquasuite web
  • aquasuite 2017 software support

Aqua Computer offers three different variants of VISION:
aqua-vision-touch-2VISION Touch (internal / external)
As an entry-level version, there is a plastic housing which can be attached internally in the PC (with an enclosed cable tie, adhesive pads or screws) to components. This housing is also provided with a stand.
aqua-vision-touch-4VISION Touch – Table (housing made of brass)
The table housing is made of solid brass and then nickel-plated. At the bottom of the housing is a cable relief and an M3 threads for fixed mounting – e. g. on the PC case.
vision-glowVISION Glow
A dream in white – this is the VISION Glow. A solid white Delrin case and integrated RGB lighting make VISION Glow a stylish highlight on the desk or on the night table.

All variants are already on sale in Aqua Computers webshop and the delivery will start in a a few days. The prices range from €27.90 to €56.90.