Ark Survival Evolved will get its DirectX 12 Patch on this Friday

Ark Survival Evolved is already became very popular game. The game still is its early access and as time pass the Ark Survival Evolved has received a large number of improvements, in terms of stability, gameplay and new in game additions.


The DirectX 12 patch is the most important patches to date, a patch which will add the option to use DirectX 12 on Windows 10 pc. The developers of the game say that DirectX 12 should give gamers around +20% more performance, though this will depend on system and components.

On This Patch:

– New Creature: Mesopithecus

– Smoke Grenades

– DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf

– “Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection” Event + Tournament

A little further out:

– Specific Representative “on-ground” meshes for all dropped items

(getting every structure type to work with it and be balanced is… interesting )

– Water Raft

– Driveable Dune Buggy Modding example (we’ll let modders have the first crack at vehicles with this example)

– Human and Dino Warpaint”