ASUS Announces B150I and B150M Pro Gaming Aura Series Motherboards


ASUS today announced B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura, B150I Pro Gaming/Aura and B150M Pro Gaming, three new small-form-factor gaming motherboards packed with exclusive features and the latest technologies to maximize gaming performance and fun.

Accompanied by the ASUS BEST brand promise – built on the four core pillars of Best-selling, Easy to use, Stable and Trusted – the mini-ITX (mITX) B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura and B150I Pro Gaming/Aura both include the all-new Aura RGB lighting technology to cast spectacular illumination effects, flexible cooling with an integrated water-pump header and lightning-speed game loads with exclusive RAMCache technology. B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura also has built-in 2×2 (2T2R) 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) for maximized range and reliability.

B150I Pro Gaming,WiFi,Aura

All three new Pro Gaming boards support the latest high-speed DDR4 memory for the best gaming performance, and include the newest NVM Express (NVMe) M.2 connectivity for instant access to the fastest SSD drives.


Aura RGB lighting: Customizable integrated LED illumination with stunning effects

B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura and B150I Pro Gaming/Aura both benefit from Aura, the all-new LED-illumination technology invented by ASUS – and exclusive to owners of ASUS motherboards. Aura makes it easy to light up any B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura or B150I Pro Gaming/Aura rig with an endless spectrum of color combinations, as well as enabling loads of fascinating and fun effects.


Aura includes simple software controls for customizing the LED lighting. The intuitive interface lets gamers cast a stunning multi-color glow across builds, including a breathing effect and color-strobing, plus the ability to change shades to indicate CPU temperature, or pulsate in time to the beat of favorite music. Newly-added effects bring new light shows and new names, including Rainbow, Comet, Flash and Dash, Rainbow Wave, Starry Night and Glowing Yo-Yo.


Fast DDR4 memory: Support for the latest high-speed RAM technology, up to 2133MHz

B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura, B150I Pro Gaming/Aura and B150M Pro Gaming all support the latest DDR4 memory technology, enabling gamers to enjoy non-overclocked RAM speeds that start at an exhilarating 2133MHz.


As well as extreme memory speeds for everyday gamers, B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura, B150I Pro Gaming/Aura and B150M Pro Gaming support for DDR4 also offers the dual advantage of reduced heat-generation and improved efficiency – with DDR4 memory requiring up to 30% less power compared to previous-generation modules.

B150I Pro Gaming,Aura

Built to game: Gigabit Ethernet, LANGuard, SupremeFX, GameFirst, Sonic Radar II and RAMCache

All three new boards are engineered with the latest Intel Gigabit LAN technology, which reduces CPU overhead and offers exceptionally high TCP and UDP throughput – significantly reducing the processor’s workload to free up power for the game. They’re also protected by ASUS LANGuard, a hardware-level defense against electrostatic discharge and surges. Shielded SupremeFX technology delivers flawless in-game audio that’s alive with realism.


B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura, B150I Pro Gaming/Aura additionally have GameFirst technology to prioritize game-related packets to eliminate laggy gameplay, the Sonic Radar II on-screen overlay for a heads-up on enemy movements, and intelligent RAMCache technology to reduce the risk of data loss and speed game loads.

B150M Pro Gaming

Gaming-grade technologies: Gamer’s Guardian, M.2, plus up to MU MIMO and water-pump header

B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura, B150I Pro Gaming/Aura and B150M Pro Gaming are protected by multiple self-defenses called Gamer’s Guardian, including the Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) for ultra-smooth power, DRAM Overcurrent Protection with resettable fuses, superior chokes and ultra-durable capacitors. They also have a built-in M.2 to provide access to the latest high-speed up to 80mm (2280) SSDs – for data-transfer speeds of up to 32Gbps.


Both B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura and B150I Pro Gaming/Aura include advanced fan and water-pump controls, coupled to onboard thermal sensors and hardware-level 4-pin/3-pin PWM/DC mode detection – all controlled by the intuitive simplicity of Fan Xpert 2+.


B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura also has integrated 802.11ac 2×2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi for reliable, wide-reach wireless connectivity at speeds of up to 867Mbps.