ASUS new beta BIOS for Crosshair VI Hero allows 3200MHz+ memory multipliers

ASUS added latest AGESA 1006 microcode to its latest beta BIOS for ASUS’ AM4 Crosshair VI Hero X370 enabling additional memory multipliers. With new BIOS adding support for 3466MHz, 3600MHz, 3733MHz, 3866MHz and 4000MHz memory multipliers without the need for BCLK overclocking, as well as access to memory sub-timings for more greater memory performance.

Currently, this new beta BIOS is only available from the ASUS forums, though a full version of this BIOS is expected very soon.

As of now, it is unknown if these new memory multipliers were achieved by AGESA version 1006 or by ASUS’ own BIOS team, though similar updates will come from other manufacturers as well with similar memory multipliers in near future.