ASUS ROG Gladius II Review


ROG Armoury:

The ROG Armoury Software is available for download from the ASUS support website; the software allows you to customize your Gladius II mouse settings including macros and sensitivity and Aura RGB lighting.

The ROG Armoury interface is organized into tabs and list of profiles to the left side. The Button Assignment menu features a small popup window with options, and you can set Mouse Function, Windows Shortcut, Multimedia, MACRO and Keyboard Function.

The macro manager has a list of saved macros on the left side, and the right side has a macro sheet that shows recorded macro command or keys. But I disappointed to see no repeat command option when pressed.

The Performance tab has all the configurations for Sensitivity, Accelerations, Angele Snapping and Polling rate. You can set up to two DPI range for per profile. The new Gladius II has a 1000Hz polling rate, where’s the original Gladius had a 2000Hz polling rate.

The Lighting tab lets you customize the lighting options. You can change the color of three individual zones, the logo, scroll wheel and the under glow strip. All lighting effects can sync between all areas or set individually. The lighting effects include Static, Breathing, Color Cycle, Reactive, Wave, and Comet. You can enable or disable lights as your preference.

There also SYNC tab with allows you to sync lighting effects between other ASUS products which support Aura RGB lighting technology.


In the Calibration tab, lets the user enable surface calibration also allows changes to lift off distance, or you can select from preset surfaces, six preset surfaces to choose from- ROG Whetone, ROOF Sheath, cloth, metal, plastic, glass, and wood skin.

The Stats tab allows you keep track you click, action per minute and distance (cm). Which not much of useful but fun to see how you used your mouse during gaming.