ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review

Testing and Conclusion

As usual, to test I fire up FPS games like Battlefield 1, CS: GO, Battlefield 5 and few other games, the PixArt PMW3389 100-16000 DPI sensor is accurate and there no accelerations issue. As for comfort concerned it’s very comfortable to hold because of its small size, and the standard grip style will be fingertip grip or claw grip. Overall the mouse is comfortable to use, though it’s a small mouse so if you have a very large hand then you may feel a little discomfort. The main buttons deliver a firm and snappy click response the scroll is little wheel provides highly tactile and controlled scrolling but could be smoother.  It the fairly light at 62g, yet the build quality is impeccable, and there no creaking, rattling or flexing.

ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review

ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse ReviewASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse ReviewEnotus Mouse Test

Enotus Mouse Test v0.1.4

Mouse: @msmouse.inf,%hid.mousedevice%;HID-compliant mouse

Resolution:         1600 dpi               \good\

Polling speed:   951 Hz

Max speed:        5.11 m/s (321745 points/s)         \excellent\

Precision:            97.9 % (0.16 m/s)             \good\

Smoothness:     17.5 %   \bad\

Debug data:        [(‘249’, ‘0.10’), (‘252’, ‘0.09’), (‘257’, ‘0.95’), (‘260’, ‘0.97’), (‘262’, ‘1.03’), (‘264’, ‘1.00’), (‘267’, ‘1.00’), (‘268’, ‘1.01’), (‘269’, ‘0.96’), (‘272’, ‘1.03’)]


Current Pricing:

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Overall, ASUS ROG Keris is another excellent product, the main feature of the mouse is lightweight 62g yet maintaining the build quality, and the new PixArt PMW3389 16000 DPI sensor is more accurate and the best part is not very expensive, at this budget ASUS also added their ROG-exclusive push-fit switch-socket design which only available in more expensive models with ROG Micro Switches with a rated lifetime of 70M clicks. We are very impressed with ASUS ROG Keris and recommend it if you are on the market for a lightweight gaming mouse.

ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review
ASUS ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review
9.5 / 10 Overall
  • Great sensor performance
  • Very low click latency
  • Execllent button quality
  • Good scroll wheel
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent mouse feet
  • Flexible cable
  • RGB lighting
  • Easily swappable main switches
  • Replacement switches included
  • Replacement mouse feet included
  • Build Quality9.5