ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 580 OC Review


While all the attention on AMD’s RX VEGA 56 and 64, still due to less availability more people buying RX 500 series. AMD has refreshed its RX400 series with RX500 series, which AMD claimed has based on a “refined” variants of the “Polaris10” family of GPUs. Though, it’s turned out that it’s just reworked BIOS, as the old RX 480/470 can be flashed with new RX 580/570 BIOS’s to get the same clock speeds as new cards. But custom design cards like ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580 has improved the design and build quality like increased sink surface area, MaxContact an enhanced copper heat spreader, IP5X dust resistant fans to offer more consistent performance. So should you consider ROG STRIX RX 580 for your next card? Let’s find out.

ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 580 OC Review


  • MaxContact Technology that is 2X more contact with GPU for improved thermal transfer.
  • Patented Wing-Blade IP5X-Certified Fans for maximum airflow and longer fan lifespan.
  • ASUS FanConnect II equips with hybrid controlled fan headers for optimal system cooling.
  • Industry Only Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II delivers premium quality and best reliability.
  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB LED synchronization enables a gaming system personalization.
  • VR-friendly HDMI ports let you enjoy VR experiences anytime without having to swap cables.
  • GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster provides intuitive performance tweaking and real-time streaming.

ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 580 OC Review ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 580 OC Review


 ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 580 OC Review