One thing I want to clear before the benchmarks, for some reason, Futuremark 3dmark refuses to identify my Radeon Software Crimson 16.11.4, and keep showing “GRAPHICS DRIVER IS NOT APPROVED.” I did reinstall both 3DMark and drivers but still showing something. I think it’s a bug or glitch.


“Battlefield 1 is the biggest launch of this year, and we know lots of gamers are going to update their hardware just to play it. So this is the top priority of our testing, but we find some serious problem with this particular game. In our testing, the Battlefield 1 DX11 runs and fps was stable between 3 runs as we do in any game benchmark test. Though, when we try the game in DX12 mode the FPS was all over the place, for example, one run we are getting 100FPS AVG result and the second test come out to be 75FPS AVG, and the third one comes in 121FPS AVG. So we cannot use it, and this happened with all our cards so it, not a GPU problem, there for we will use DX11 for now.”

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