ASUS Teased GeForce GTX 1080Ti ROG STRIX and Turbo

ASUS has teased their GTX 1080Ti with two custom-design models, the GTX 1080Ti ROG STRIX, and the GTX 1080Ti Turbo. The GTX 1080Ti Turbo will be a more affordable option with blower style cooler and reference PCB design. The second card is GTX 1080Ti ROG STRIX which will be available in two variants, an OC variant with factory-overclocked speeds, and a standard clock speed variant. The card will come with STRIX cooler and custom-design PCB which will be overclocking friendly and provide more power to the GPU. The STRIX GTX 1080Ti will come with ASUS exclusive features like case fan headers and AURA RGB lighting.