ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 Case Review

Final Thoughts

For testing, we installed Z390 ASUS MAXIMIUS XI with Core i5 9600K with AMD 5700XT and monitored the temperatures and noise levels we tested stock out of the box configured with three fans installed in front and one at the back.

The cooling performance was as expected the airflow inside the case was decent with three fans installed in the front provide enough air and didn’t chocked the fans as there is ample space between the fans and the panel. As we know AMD 5700XT is quite hot but we don’t see any temp problem as ample airflow form front.

Current Pricing:

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Overall TUF Gaming GT501 has everything a good case should have, like a spacious interior, ample hardware support, great out of the box cooling with 4 included fans and a unique military theme. The build quality of the case is very good both plastic and metal parts, which is expected considering the price. Talking about the price which is the biggest drawback of this case, TUF Gaming GT501 priced at ₹14000 in India which is quite high. The features and build quality are adequate for that price but the problem is that ASUS made it as a TUF theme case which meant to complement that theme other TUF components from ASUS. Now most TUF Gaming components are budget or mid-price parts so most TUF Gaming motherboard cost the same or less than this case. So, if someone will make full TUF theme build he has to spend more on the case than critical components if they go for all TUF series components. I would like to see it as a ROG STRIX themed case then it would make more sense. Nevertheless, if the price, not a matter and you want an ASUS TUF theme case, the TUF Gaming GT501 will not disappoint you in any manner.

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 Case Review
8.9 / 10 Overall
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great design
  • Dual chamber design
  • Can support 6 x 120mm fans
  • 4mm Tempered Glasses side panel
  • Dedicated 2.5″ drive bays in the front and back
  • Included triple RGB fans and one standard fan at the back
  • Removable PSU cover for easy installation
  • Carrying handles
  • Cons
  • Price is high
  • Build Quality9.5
    Cooling Performance9.5
    Noise Level9
    Hardware Support9.5