ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6800 XT OC Review


AMD’s new RX 6000 series has brought gamers who want high-end graphic cards another option than NVIDIA. The performance in traditional raster was very close to its competitor the RTX 3080. Though the raytracing puts a major penalty on performance, though AMD has promised that driver updates will fix most performance loss. The performance hit also affects NVIDIA but Nvidia gets around this using its machine-learning-powered upscaling algorithm DLSS (Deep Learning Supersampling), which lets its GPUs render lower resolutions and then stretch them out without losing quality. AMD has something similar in the works, but it isn’t ready yet. The good news is that the GPU’s ray tracing hardware isn’t just for games; it will help speed up work in content creation applications such as Blender and Autodesk Maya. Overall AMD’s ray tracing implementation isn’t fully realized yet. Plenty of games do support AMD’s approach, and it’s likely that future upscaling tech will make things a lot more even between the two competitors.

Price-wise I don’t want to comment right now as lack of supply making cards way more expensive than they should have been. The ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6800 XT priced around Rs. 66,990 and $659 in the US respectively, but currently most places it listed with an outrageous price tag, in the future, I hope everything will normalize and we see the suggested prices returned.

In conclusion, ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6800 XT is another great offering from ASUS, packing an excellent cooler that kept the card at 64 °C in gaming loads which lets the card boost all the way to 2490Mhz. The dual Bios switch allows customization of the card’s default performance profile without software. Overall, TUF Gaming RX 6800 XT build to bring out the best of AMD’s new RDNA2 chip.

ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6800 XT OC Review
8.3 / 10 Overall
  • 4K 60 FPS gaming capable
  • Great design and built quality
  • New and improved cooler
  • AURA Customizable RGB LED
  • Silent in load
  • Great performance out of the box
  • Cons
  • Ray tracing implementation isn't fully realized yet
  • Need to install GPU Tweak II software to get the factory Overclock speed
  • Current pricing is too high
  • Build Quality9.5