ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup

Intel new Coffee Lake CPU almost here launching on October 5 and new Z370 motherboards go on shelves at the same time as processors do. Now every company announcing and unveiling their new motherboards. Now ASUS has unveiled their new Z370 motherboards, including their Republic of Gamers (ROG), The Ultimate Force (TUF), Strix and Prime series.

The ROG line will have five Maximus X models: Apex, Formula, Code, Hero with Wi-Fi AC, and Hero. There is no mention of an Extreme model, but our experience tells us that model usually comes at a later date.

The based model Maximus X Hero will employ a 10-phase digital VRM design. All motherboards retain the black and grey theme with RGB illuminated heatsinks just like its predecessor. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality were present on the Code models and above in the previous generation. Though this time ASUS offering a Hero variant with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.


Now for mid-range Strix line of motherboards has grown very popular among gaming builds. This generation of Strix motherboards is comprised six models include the Z370E, Z370F, Z370G, Z370G (Wi-Fi AC), Z370H, and Z370I. As it may seem, the Z370-F Gaming and Z370-E Gaming motherboards are equipped with a 10-phase VRM too. RGB lighting can be expected on the high-tier models. The Z370I Strix Gaming will certainly be one of the more popular models since it’s the only mini-ITX option in ASUS’s entire Z370 at the moment.

The TUF series will have two models the Z370-PLUS TUF GAMING and Z370-PRO TUF GAMING at launch. ASUS has chosen a black theme with yellow accents and RGB illumination for this generation of TUF motherboards. The Pro model comes with a 6-phase VRM apparently. Though there is no TUF Thermal Armor, which may appear on later with probably be Mark models.

Lastly, the Prime offerings comprised the Z370-A and Z370-P motherboards. It’s apparent that the Z370-P will carry a 7-phase VRM and 10-phases for Z370-A. Since the Z370-A is a higher-end model of the two, it supports RGB lighting, an M.2 heatsink and better IO option. Not much has changed in regards to aesthetics, with black PCB with metallic heatsinks and white highlights.