Australian Court Fines Valve $3 Million AUD over Steam’s refund policy

An Australian Court has fined Valve a sum of $3 million AUD, approximately $2.15 Million, for Steam’s lack of a refund policy between January 1st, 2011 and August 28th, 2014.

According to the court ruling, Valve will have to pay this penalty within thirty days and will be forced to display a notice to Australian consumers, which will inform them of their consumer rights. This notice will be displayed for 12 months from February 20th 2017, which will link Australian consumers to an “IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUt CONSUMER RIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA”.

For a period of 12 months after 20 February 2017, for the benefit of Australian Consumers logging onto the Steam Website from a computer with an Australian IP address (based on the IP lookup table available to the respondent current as at the consumer’s login), the respondent will publish on the home page of the Steam Website a link, in a typeface of at least 14 point Times New Roman, reading “IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT CONSUMER RIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA”, which directs them to a notice in the terms set out in Annexure A1 (“Consumer Rights Notice”).

Though, Valve can appeal against this decision until February 20th, which has come after a lengthy legal battle between Valve and Australia.