Editor’s Choice Award is reserved for products which are undoubtedly the best in their class – they have barely any flaws, offer top notch performance, quality, features and we recommend.







The Gold Award is only given to products that we believe are the very best of what it offers. Only a handful of products has received this award, and the product has been exceptional to get this award, well consider as an option if you are looking to buy that product.






The Silver Award signifies that the product has extremely high standards of feature and either it has no issues or any issues found do not affect the performance / overall functionality of the product in any way. It also a good choice to consider.






The Bronze Award is only given to those products which is functional but has imperfections or has exhibit at least, one minor issue. The product is still strong in the areas that it matters most, but we did not please with it or it’s overpriced.







Best Value Award is awarded to those products which offer incredible levels of value for money based on price bracket. It may not have all the features of the ultra-high-end version but offers a lot in consideration of the price which it’s in.