Battlefield 1 campaign only have six missions?

Battlefield 1 trailer pretty much shows how the game may feel like, other than multiplayer; the campaign may be very short this time.

According to leaks from a Twitter user txt231, Battlefield 1’s World War I-themed campaign will only have six missions. The leak is further solidified by the game’s apparent achievement list, which contains half a dozen missions. Battlefield 1’s campaign will shift perspectives across different world powers in WW1. Below is the supposed list of the missions and their names:

  • Friends in High Places
  • Nothing is Written
  • Through Mud and Blood
  • Avanti Savoia!
  • The Runner
  • Epilogue

Battlefield 1 going to release on October 29, 2016, across all platforms so there is a long time before we can get the game so, I hope there are more than six missions and we may even get some more leak in future.