Battlefield 1 gameplay details from behind closed-doors presentation

Yesterday, EA and DICE officially announced the next Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1. But EA didn’t reveal too much footage or details of the actual game, but more information on the upcoming shooter have surfaced following a behind-closed-doors presentation.


Luckily, a helpful NeoGAF member, Anton Sugar, has made a well-organized summary of the newly emerged information on GameSpot, see the video down below:

  • Medic has syringe revives
    •  One of the maps mentioned looks HUGE–old BF style
    •  Gameplay trailer looked similar; reveal trailer didn’t seem “facetious” in comparison (I think he meant fallacious/false?)
    •  Air combat: dogfights, strafing runs, bombing runs–DICE wants there to be a lot of air options; you can sit in friend’s gunner      seat while they do strafing/bombing runs or dogfight
    •  You can control battleships; can demolish shoreline (ground deformation was mentioned in another description)
    •  Horses will be best for scouting/flanking (like bikes)
    •  Supposed to have a new melee system
    •  Bayonet charge ability
    •  Can likely use sabers
    •  Support seem like they’ll have heavy machineguns
    •  It seems like four classes will have weapons similar to what we’d expect
    •  SP: more “open” campaign, make it feel like a “Battlefield” campaign as opposed to BF3/4 (he said it sounded more like Bad       Company’s campaign)
    •  Trying to make use of battlegrounds a lot of people don’t know about
    •  Progression system wasn’t confirmed; neither was weapon customization
    •  Didn’t find out if you can pilot the Zeppelin/barrage, but it’s not just a part of the skybox; planes flying around it
    •  Seems very close to completion

Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st on PC and current-gen consoles. If you want to gain access to the beta later this year, you can sign up as a ‘Battlefield Insider’ here.