Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer with 64-player multiplayer livestream and details about the game

It’s all-out WW1 chaos in Battlefield 1’s first-ever 64-player multiplayer sessions, showing what to expect when the game hits in October.

EA also showed off a new Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer at their E3 2016 showcase and check full list below with everything that revealed about the game so far.

  • Battlefield 1 will feature world-breaking 64-player PVP multiplayer, along with new weapons, maps and more
  • EA confirms Battlefield 1 will have ‘micro-monetization’ options
  • Server browser confirmed for Battlefield 1
  • Battlefield 1’s campaign will ‘delve into the unknowns of WW1’
  • Battlefield 1 ‘rooted in history’, not based on alternate WW1 timeline
  • Battlefield 1 confirmed digital only on PC, but not everywhere
  • Battlefield 1 campaign might only have six missions
  • The WW1 shooter has Bad Company 2-style destruction, no auto-aim, and dedicated vehicle classes
  • DICE’s WW1 shooter is coming first to Xbox One and PC via Origin Access
  • Battlefield 1 will have an open beta, and here’s how to sign-up
  • Pre-orders on Origin and Xbox LIVE are 10% off, grant early access to DLC and $80 Early Enlister Edition grants 3 days early access