Battlefield 1 VS Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on YouTube

The Battlefield 1 getting huge response from the gaming community, but Activision feels humiliated right now as COD: Infinite Warfare trailer fails to get gamers attention. The Battlefield 1 trailer doing very well on YouTube, with 18,516,116 views and 957,243 like, 17,620 dislike only in 2.5 days.

But on the other hand Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer was out for a week now and only manages to get 13,437,591 views with like 252,280 and 1,091,212 dislikes. The count of dislikes is higher than Battlefield 1 likes so that explain, how much disappoint Infinite Warfare is for the views.

So what do you think, which trailer grab your attention? Comment down below.