The Battlefield 1’s Alpha Gameplay With Full Settings Menu

Check out Battlefield 1 alpha gameplay footage from Digital Foundry; the was running maxed out at 1440p with a Skylake i7 CPU and a GTX 1080 at a resolution scale of 75%, though in this video it is stated that a resolution scale setting of 50% is equal to your display’s native resolution. But in the video game is run at a resolution scale of 75%, which is roughly equivalent to a resolution of 4K.

Just before E3, we got a chance to check out Battlefield 1 on PC. And not just any PC – this is with a Skylake i7 and GTX 1080, maxed out.

Curiously, the resolution scale is different this time around, with 50% presenting as native resolution. We’ve bumped that up here, so even though we have 1440p footage here, the game is actually running at a higher pixel-count. Look out for more footage soon!

The Battlefield 1's Alpha Settings Menu

The setting menu is shown in the video also reveal the option to Toggle between DirectX 12 and DirectX 11. It’s nice to see even with 1440p+ resolutions (4K), the game is playable with decent fps and max setting.