Battlefield 4 and Hardline will receive a new UI, along with Battlefield 1

We know that new Battlefield 1 will feature a new launcher, but the older Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline also getting this new user interface, unifying all three games to create a single, intuitive Battlefield experience.

The new user interface will replace Battlelog and will add some new features like the ability to join squads or join games with your friends before you enter the game, also the ability to spawn on your mates as soon as you enter a new match.

This new UI change mainly focuses on minimising waiting time by making it easier to join squads and easier to switch between different battlefield games.  Also eliminates browser relating problems, which occur time to time.

Battlefield Hardline's last DLC

     This new UI is currently rolling out in beta form in Battlefield 4 for a small audience, and we’ll have more information on additional testing opportunities in the coming months. This will also be released withBattlefield 1 (and Battlefield Hardline soon after that). Once it’s rolled out for all three games, you’ll be able to easily swap between the games as long as you own them. Want to jump from St. Quentin Scar in Battlefield 1to the skyscrapers of Shanghai in Battlefield 4? It’ll be easier than ever.

Battlefield 1 will release on PC on October 21st, but Battlefield 4 and Hardline may receive this new UI update before then, at least in beta form.