Battlefield 5 could take place in WW1?

You can already pre-order Battlefield 5, from an online retailer based in Switzerland. On their site they’ve placed details that seem to presume what the game will be about, but their no actual evidence to back up their claims.


While we know that that next Battlefield is coming this year, but no details uncovered till now and it’s likely that this retailer doesn’t have any actually real information from EA. Maybe they are just making speculation based off of previous games, that Battlefield is online, multiplayer shooter, so no surprise there. But in details they said the Battlefield 5 will take place in WW1.


Apparently the description has been changed since it was first reported by PCGamesN, and it no longer says anything about WW1. Though it would be quite refreshing to have something new, even if it isn’t true to the actual combat style. Trench warfare, while deadly, frightful and not fun in real-life, probably great for hard-core battlefield game. If the assumption was true, then it’s quite fascinating for gamers to play.