Battlefield 5: Eastern Front to be premier on May 6th

Battlefield 5: Eastern Front is rumoured to be announced on May 6th at a press event, with game live streams expected later in the day. Several Industry insiders have also posted tweets saying to expect “shootery things” next Friday, adding some validity to these rumors.

Battlefield 5 Eastern Front

The “Eastern Front” title for Battlefield 5 has been rumored previously by a leaked EA documents which show both the name of the game and names of potential DLC packs which include Fallen Dragon, Prototype Warfare, Titan Assult and Independence day.


As the name suggest to the Eastern Front in World War II, where the Germans vs Russians battled until Germany was defeated in 1945. As of now it’s not confirmed by EA or DICE, but it would be in coming days.

Battlefield 5 Eastern Front1

Although, it has been confirmed that a Battlefield World Premier will take place on May 6th a 9PM BST.