BB-TAN Review

111% simple but addictive“- this is what they exactly mentioned on their page, and lately, we find out they are actually promising. Let’s get to the point; BB-TAN is a Free to Play Arcade game released by 111% collaborated with ‘martian studio‘ currently available on Google Play Store and App Store. BB-TAN currently has over 5 Million Downloads on Playstore. Download links are at the end of the description.

BB-TAN Review
Start Up Screen
Welcome Screen


    • How to play BB-TAN?

    Apart from any other arcade games out there BB-TAN has a new concept, maybe its mechanism is not modern, but BB-TAN has an unique and distinguished gameplay.

    Late Gameplay
    Late Gameplay

    Followed by the BB-TAN.jpg , there will be a guy holding a ball, and there will be tiles with a number written on it. The thing is you have to strike the tile with the ball for the exact number of times written in the tile in one word the hit points of the tile is written in the mighty tile itself. Tiles come in two different shapes, Triangular and Square. The balls will perfectly turn their way as they bounce to the surfaces of the tiles and the margin at a particular angle.This is the basic mechanism of the game. If any tile touches the ground level, the game will end there. You can do revive the game by watching an advertisement, but remember you can only do that once. Yes there is a time limit of 30 minutes but actually the secret reveals as you go through. So the best features come along the way.

    •  What Makes BB-TAN Special?

    1.         111% worked on every single corner to deliver the game in the most addictive way possible. So here it comes, Every time any of you balls touches this +1, a number of your amount of balls will be increased by +1. As an example see the above image of late gameplay, notice we have 38 balls. Kick off gameplay starts with one ball and gradually increases as the number written in the tiles will also increase. The best part comes when you have 30 balls, and it is a mesmerizing sight just to see 30 balls bouncing around. Worth giving BB-TAN you precious time. There are players scored 300 or above handled over 100 balls just think of the sight nothing more to say rather than that. This +1 sign vanishes as soon as you ball touches it. There could be more +1 signs than one, and it can also happen that you throw the balls at x28 and when they come back with x35, in this case, there will be seven +1s.
    •         Now there are  other buttons like these vertical line and,Horizontal Wipe Out I call them horizontal and vertical wipe outs. What they actually do is that if your balls touch this button, the particular horizontal line or vertical line respect to the wipe out buttons will strike every tile in that line and decrease the number and the hit points by one. So it will be easier to clear the tiles.
    • Last but not the least the exit options made my day, 111% really made a perfect irony on the exit. See for yourself.

      when you press ‘YES’ (certainly means you are handsome), game doesn’t exit, ‘NO’ exits the game, nothing to do, Puns all over the game 111% , good game well played.

      • So the mystery ends here, I didn’t want to end this one right now but, nothing to do, many players exposed in you tube. When yous tart the game there’s a sliding text saying “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER 30 MINUTES“, actually after 30 minutes the sliding text changes to “SO WHAT?“. Stop it here don’t tell anybody about this, keep this secret let the players find out.


    • What is the Score System of BB-TAN?

    The scoring system is easy as hell, every time the balls come again to you, one point will be added, in one word, one trip of the balls around the screen through the tiles will give you a point. There will be +Dollar the sign which will increase your money by one, can be used to buy new balls. No need to say much about the affection of any player towards new balls/ new skins.

    • New Balls? Why not

    Unlock Balls
    Unlock Balls

    Yes, they have that too, you can watch advertisements, or you can collect dollars by playing.

    The unlock procedure is simple, spot the red ball in this image, that is exclusive ball you can “Kick” the balls continuously and bring down the red one to the exit and then press “Get”, regardless of any ball, it requires 100 dollars to get and 5 dollars to kick balls backwards.

    • Gameplay Video

      ◙ Overall Rating


    For its unique and ironic experience and gameplay as a perfect timepass element.

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