Bethesda Releases Fallout 76 Gameplay Trailer

We already have seen the trailer for Bethesda’s Fallout 76, though we have to see how Bethesda’s online-only approach could be either the best step for the series or the worst. The absence of any singleplayer experience would surely a big bummer for Fallout series fans.

Bethesda has now released a gameplay trailer for Fallout 76, which give us first gleams of the gameplay. It could be just confirmation bias here, but the original intro saying that “most of the others have already gone” and “you come from every walk of life: every race, color, and creed” do seem to speak to the multiplayer component of a character creator and a lore-infused way of explaining other players’ presence. At the same time, the entire trailer focuses on graphics, the new tech behind landscapes and the new weather and detail system, which allows for up to 16x more graphical assets to be displayed. And the way the creatures of Fallout and West Virginia appear does speak to a single-player approach to combat – for now. We’ll see, as Bethesda further pulls the curtains – particularly in the Beta for Fallout 76, which is rumored to be available first on the XBOX family of consoles rather than the PC.