beyerdynamic Announces the Custom Game Headset

When you see the word CUSTOM you can be sure of finding the most versatile and interactive headphones from beyerdynamic. This is also true of the new CUSTOM GAME. As the first gaming headset of the successful product series, it takes the advantages of the CUSTOM ONE PRO, CUSTOM STREET and CUSTOM STUDIO and transfers them to the world of gaming.

Sound slider: equal to any challenge
Take the typical sound slider, for example, it comes with non-slip sliders on the housing, which adjust the bass response of the headphone as desired. The gamer can thus choose from four different sound profiles depending on the gaming situation. Just a single flick of the hand is sufficient at loud LAN parties to effectively attenuate ambient noise. The noise remains outside and the wearer can concentrate fully on the task at hand.
There are three switch positions for quieter environments with increasing opening of the headphone. The first setting with moderate bass is particularly effective for speech intelligibility when chatting. However, it also offers the wearer a strategic advantage in that stalking attackers or the reloading of a weapon can be heard perfectly. The second setting turns action games and driving games or cinematic cut-scenes into an acoustic experience, while the third setting really lets rip with maximum bass power. The fact that the CUSTOM GAME is also a fully featured HiFi headphone that offers lots of fun when listening to music is a given with beyerdynamic.

Professional-quality microphone for chatting and phoning
The speech function also benefits from the know-how and decades of experience of the audio specialist from Heilbronn, Germany. A high-quality gooseneck microphone fitted to the detachable connection cable can be adjusted precisely to the gamer’s mouth. The position allows the microphone capsule to be held reliably in place even if sparks fly in the heat of battle.
A pop shield suppresses distracting noises that can occur because of the short speaking distance to the microphone. The integrated remote control in the cable switches the microphone on or off, adjusts the volume and allows calls to be answered and declined when using a smartphone as well as control of media playback.

Indestructible and comfortable despite hours of gaming
A headset for hard-core gaming days has to be able to withstand quite a lot. That’s why beyerdynamic uses robust materials. From the abrasion-resistant cable to flexible fork joints through to adjustable sprung steel headband, all components are constructed with durability in mind. Added to this is the quality workmanship “Made in Germany”. Replacement parts such as ear pads or headbands are still available years following the initial purchase and ensure that the headset can survive any number of levels.
Like all CUSTOM models, the headset fits very comfortably and yet securely. The pads do not exert pressure and adapt perfectly to the shape of the head. Skin-friendly velour ensures excellent wearing comfort over many hours. Even lengthy gaming sessions thus pass without the infamous “hot ears”.

Variable design for an individual look
The CUSTOM GAME has inherited one more feature from its colleagues, and that’s the variable look. Whether ear pads, headband, cover rings or side design cover – virtually every detail is interchangeable and available in different colours. Four cover motifs are included as bundled accessories, while beyerdynamic offers additional design variants on its website. Gamers can therefore give the headset an unmistakeable look and lend free expression to their individual gamer personality.
Yet it’s not just visually that CUSTOM GAME can be adapted to suit personal preference. The manufacturer also offers different cables as accessories. The gooseneck variant supplied can thus be replaced if so desired, transforming the gaming model into a classic headset with smartphone remote or a DJ headset with coiled cable by simply swapping the cables.

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM GAME are to be priced at 199€.