Calyos Announces Availability of its NSG S0, Revolutionary Ultimate Fanless PC Case

Calyos announced availability of its NSG S0, a revolutionary new case with factory-fitted phase-change cooling for the CPU and graphics cards. From today (29th March), Calyos will be accepting pre-orders for the case through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign. The NSG S0 will start at 479€, and buyers will be able to order one of many custom-design themes, such as Battlefield Edition, LoL Edition, MSI Gaming edition, Unicorn Team Fortress edition, and more functional changes, such as a water-cooling mod. The case will come optimized for Core i7-7700K (socket LGA1151) and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics. At a later date, the company plans to sell complete pre-assembled gaming PC builds featuring the two components.

The case features a central brushed aluminium frame that holds a motherboard tray on one side, and a compartment on the other side with the PSU tray, some drive trays, and the phase-change cooler that puts out pressurized coolant through high-pressure CPU and VGA blocks. Phase-change cooling works on the same principle as refrigeration, and is a proven sub-zero cooling method for enthusiast PC builds. The case can also be refitted to handle liquid cooling.

Pictures of the special-edition variants and the press-release follow.
Press Release
There is now more than two years that Calyos started to develop alongside its datacenter offer a PC fanless solution. Many prototypes, such as the Fanless Workstation, the Cube and the DIY kit for Core P3 Thermaltake have been developed and most of them have been presented at Las Vegas’ CES this last January.

The feedback of professionals and users demonstrate a real interest into a so innovative solution that it makes finally possible to cool high-end electronics in a full passive way – meaning no fan and no pumper so no water off course! The phase-change cooling technology allows now a fully silent high performing PC possible!

The professional community has confirmed our initial thoughts as the NSG S0 model was awarded by two CES Innovation Awards in “Gaming” and “Hardware” categories. These awards reinforce the willingness to make the NSG S0 the ideal product to be proposed to the consumer market as the very first fanless high performing PC.

Transforming the prototype into a market product was a real challenge. In collaboration with the well-known Watermod, the French specialized “PC modders”, the team transformed a very promising prototype into a friendly-user product able to support the last generation of processor (AMD / Intel) as the last graphic cards like the GTX 1080 Ti. Initially dedicated to gamers, this new PC solution will also undoubtedly interest any professionals looking for a silent powerful PC supporting any game but also any software.

Wednesday 29th will be a great day for Calyos with the launch of a 30 days Kickstarter campaign to propose a pre-order of the NSG S0. Calyos expects that this offer will response positively to the thousands of emails received asking where and when it will be possible to buy one of these Fanless PCs.

Another purpose of this campaign is to demonstrate to PCs manufacturers that Fanless PCs has a bright future. The backers will help us to change the understanding of the consumer market and will also open a window on a new green way to cool down computers.

Dedicated to high-end electronics components, the initial price will be set to 479 euro for a limited number of products positioning the price for the early buyers below a comparable solution relying on water-cooling. In case of success of the casing and cooling solution sells, the offer will be expand to propose a complete PC with electronics components – up to i7 7700k and GTX 1080 Ti.

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