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PowerColour Devil 370X Benchmark Results Leaked

AMD’s answer to GTX 950 is new R9 370X for budget-focused gamers in the lower-end market. The 370X features full Pitcairn architecture with 1280 stream processors. The custom-cooled models like the PowerColour Devil 370x truly shin this GPU, with more factory overclocked, like this one with core of 1180MHz and memory clock of 5600MHz. The PowerColour Devil 370X has a...

AMD Preparing To Release The Radeon R7 370X

AMD is reportedly preparing to release the Radeon R7 370X, to counter the launch of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950. R7 370X will be based on the "Trinidad XT" core, feature 1,280 stream processors with 80 TMUs, 32 ROPs. The card comes with two memory capacity, 2 GB or 4 GB of GDDR5 memory 256-bit wide interface. A leaked screenshots...

NVIDIA’s Pascal Will feature 100% More Transistors Than Titan X

We realized that NVIDIA's Pascal architecture modelling was going to convey an enormous overhaul over the present Maxwell-based offerings in the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and Titan X, however the transistor number will be crazy. Titan X highlights 8 billion transistors while Pascal will apparently contain a crazy 17 billion transistors. NVIDIA will be tapping TSMC's 16nm procedure for its...

NVIDIA GTX 950 Launch Date And Price

NVIDIA all set to launch its new GeForce GTX 950 next month. The new card will replace old GTX 750 and GTX 750ti. According to HardwareBattle new Maxwell architecture will more power efficient and launch date is August 17th. The retail price is still unknown, but it’s should be under $150. The new GTX 950 will compete with the R7...

NVIDIA is working on two new GPUs with HBM2-based GP100

NVIDIA is working on two new GPUs with HBM2-based GP100 on TSMC 16nm process. Both of them use Pascal architecture with 4096-bit memory bus. The first GPU will have 8-Hi (8 DRAM dies stacked) and the second GPU will have 4-Hi (4 DRAM dies stacked) HBM2 memory with 1GHz clocked speed. GP100 should have 4500 to 6000 CUDA cores. We...

CrossFire between the R9 300 series and the older R9 200 series

        With AMD latest Catalyst 15.7 driver you can CrossFire between the R9 300 series and the older R9 200 series GPUs, it's now possible to pair a Radeon R9 300 series graphics card with one based on a similar-spec chip from the R9 200 series. At launch, the R9 300 series and R9 Fury series had a separate driver...

AMD releases the FirePro S9170 with 32GB of GDDR5

AMD just launched a new FirePro for professionals. The new FirePro S9170 is the successor of FirePro S9150. The main addition is Grenada XT GPU with 32GB of GDDR5, and is aimed at DGEMM (Dense General Matrix) and sever workloads, with OpenCL 2.0 support to boot. Other spec is 2816 stream processors clocked at 930MHz  with 44 compute engines, 64...

NVIDIA planing to launch GTX 950Ti

NVIDIA has plans to replace there old Maxwell card GTX 750Ti with new generation Maxwell GM206-250 GTX 950Ti. The new card will be a cut-down version of GM206-300 GTX 960. GTX 950Ti will come with price tag of around $150, which will compete with AMD's new R7 370 & R7 360 respectively.                   SOURCE:videocardz    

AMD already showing its dual-GPU Fiji card

AMD CEO Lisa Su revealed the dual Fiji GPU card which will follow Radeon R9 Fury X and R9 Fury in upcoming months. No name, price or pacification was revealed. But we can see card has two 8pin power connecter and a PLX chip.

AMD Fury and Fury X Prices & releasing date announced

AMD just announced the R9 Fury and Fury X, AMD's new GPU Flagships with 1.5x performance per watt over previous Hawaii GPU's.New GPU's will be releasing in june 24th with price tag off $649 (41664INR) and $549 (35244INR). Fury X will have the latest AMD's GCN architecture with HBM memory. It has support DirectX 12,Mantle and vulcan API with FreeSync...

ASUS GTX 960 DirectCU3

ASUS lunch GTX 960 with its new 3 fan DirectCU3 cooler, its first card that offers asus new cooling solution. But right now its only available for sale in China. New card will have a core clock of 1228Mhz/1291Mhz base & boost with 7Ghz memory. ASUS GTX 960 DirectCU3 now available in China price of 1700 yuan's (₹17545 INR /...

AMD Radeon Fury X Pictured

AMD Radeon Fury X Pictured, finally shown us by proper new AMD Flagship GPU.   We can see that AMD has used the AIO watercooler for dissipate added heat from HBM memory. GPU will be powered by two 8-pin PCI Power connectors it can take 375W of power. GPU has TDP of 300W, AMD has 3 DisolayPort connectors and single HDMI...

AMD Redeon R9 Fury and R9 390X Specifications

AMD at computex show Fiji GPU with HBM memories that will have very fast and wide IO, 4GB HBM memory into GPU. Which is expected to show up with AMD Radeon Fury X and AMD Radeon Fury. But new AMD Redeon R9 390x will come with 8GB GDDR5 memory type. As you can see R9 390x will have full unlocked Hawaii...

ASUS STRIX GTX 980 Ti DirectCU3 cooler

Asus showing there new DirectCU3 cooler with gtx 980ti at computex. The model is asus strix gtx 980ti, it has full custom PCB and PWM design also 2 slot card. Asus says that GPU temp don't cross 65c. I think asus finally move to three fan cooler to compete with msi trifrozr and gigabyte windforce coolers.  

Powercolor Radeon R9 390X DEVIL

PowerColor not confirm that this is R9 390X, at least officially. Unofficially they confirmed this is the R9 390X. So it is pretty much confirmed that Hawaii-cards are coming back. We have exclusively told you that Hawaii-based models will return with 8GB memory and slightly higher clocks. This card however, may actually come with much higher clock. We can see it...

ASUS Radeon R9 390X DirectCU II OC leak,it will have 8GB of GDDR5 RAM

ASUS Radeon R9 390X DirectCU II OC will feature 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.With the upcoming introduction Radeon "300" index already rustles and tensions boil. Sites also want to impatience readers a little "napakovat", a daily published a report on the guaranteed upcoming products. Today we will talk about Fiji and cards based on it, and rebel and emotions. I will raise...