MSI Launched 3-way and 4-way SLI Bridge Kits

MSI launched the first custom SLI bridge with a custom bracket that can hold a 120mm fan to help cooling the graphics cards. MSI bring a pair of new 3-way and 4-way SLI bridge kits, with a silent 120mm fan is bundle. The bridge shroud is styled along MSI Gaming red+black design language, and under it is a hard fiberglass PCB, with reinforced...

Ipega PG-9023 Telescopic Controller Review

Today, gaming on mobile devices not just a thing of time pass, many people are quite serious about their mobile gaming experiences. But holding a big phone and playing with the touch screen is not so comfortable. Also, mobile games are evolving, and now we have FPS, racing and RTS games. There is a solution, which will trend you phone/tablet...

Razer Stargazer, a Webcam, 3D Scanner and gesture controller

Razer reveal Stargazer a high end Webcams for gamers and streamers, the Razer Stargazer not only a webcam, which can operate at 720p at 60FPS but can also be used as a 3D scanner, allowing the user to create 3D models of household items easily and quickly using Intel's REALSense technology, which allows you to use it like a...

Razer Wildcat A Customizable Controller For The Xbox One

Razer has announced its latest customizable controller for the Xbox One named the Razer Wildcat. Razer says the Wildcat is building as a controller for competitive Xbox One gamers, for that they are reducing the weight of the original Xbox One controller by 25% and more find tune buttons and joystick for quicker response, Razer calls it "aircraft-grade" aluminum...

Logitech Launches Tow New Gaming Headsets G933 and G633 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech launches tow new gaming headsets G933 and G633 Artemis Spectrum to replace their old G930 gaming headset. The main difference between the two headsets are connectivity. The G933 mainly uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection by a USB dongle, but you can also connect a 3.5 mm cable and a micro USB cable to have three different audio inputs...

PS4 Keyboard And Mous, PC Like Control

Hori's came out a new Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a keyboard and mouse duo for thous gamers who want pc like control in their console. with this  gamers will have PC quality FPS control on Sony's PlayStation 4.Hori's came out a new Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a keyboard and mouse duo for thous gamers who want pc...