Cheating in Division may cause a permanent Ban

The Division is getting overwhelm by cheaters, so throughout a Livestream with the game developers where they discussed a few of the top finer features of upgrade 1.1. They exposed that they were heading to bring in a rigorous two-strikes coverage for cheaters on the PC version, which in the end will be complete in a long lasting ban from the game.

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The very first time you dabble in the dark-arts of cheating, you will be greeted with a no-notice three-day momentary ban from the overall game. If you cannot login, that’s your alert that next time you’re captured cheating that you will receive an everlasting ban from the overall game. They aren’t experimenting with cheaters, but are providing them with the rightful chance to do the right thing and benefit from the game.


To help capture these cheaters, they’ve executed a fresh reporting system that just requires anyone to enter in “/report [username]” to survey any dubious activity you may run into, which Ubisoft is very seriously interested in investigating. They certainly note, however, a good part of suspected cheaters tend a power-gap between high-level and better-skilled players rather than necessarily real cheating. They will be very extensive in their investigations before offering those bans.


The brand new system is arriving at the Xbox One and PC only, that have much larger issues with cheating than the PS4. If you notice a new player doing something that seems impossible, you shouldn’t hesitate to use the command mentioned above. In the sounds than it, long term bans will be at the accounts level, indicating they’ll only obstruct specific usernames on Uplay from participating in The Division. On Apr 12th, the new anti-cheating actions goes live with the new revise.