Coalition is closely working with AMD and NVIDIA for Gears of War 4’s PC version

The Coalition is closely working with AMD and NVIDIA for ensuring a great PC launch for Gears of War 4 on Windows 10.


As you know the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition had a terrible PC performance at launch, and there are multiple drivers update and game patches to fix the game in PC. The Coalition says that this game was a “great learning experience” which paved the way for many improvements to Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform) ecosystem and built great working relationships with both AMD and NVIDIA.

The Coalition’s Technical Director Mike Rayner said in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

   Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was a great learning experience for us. We were the first major DX12 UWP title to market and while we did have issues to work through at launch, we managed to get through them quickly.

Speaking directly to our community was a big deal for us post launch and they were fantastic at providing feedback, which we are adapting, where appropriate, into Gears 4. 

 Our relationship with AMD and NVIDIA is better than ever as we move towards Gears 4 launch on Windows 10. They are looking at builds of the game today and are providing great feedback to get the best performance out of their respective hardware. We are confident people will have a great launch experience playing the game

   The Coalition then, working closely with Microsoft’s internal D3D12 dev team, transitioned the engine fully to D3D12 on Xbox One – and this again boosted performance greatly for us, and there is still potential to push the engine even further under D3D12.

DirectX 12 has allowed us to increase performance by giving us more direct control over the hardware, simplifying the driver layer, and allowing us to make fully informed and optimal decisions on how to manage graphics resources.