Colorful adds four new cards to its iGame Vulcan X series

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, introduced iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC in May, and got much more attentions from both China and aboard. Then COLORFUL adds four new modules into iGame Vulcan X series including of GTX1080Ti, GTX1080, GTX1070 and GTX1060 chips, taking the same design shape with the flagship iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC that also equips with iGame-Status Monitor.
iGame Vulcan X series cards feature iGame-Status Monitor which indicates GPU load automatically, and shows fan speed, core frequency, core temperature as well as memory usage. The load line on its top shows memory usage and load by three colors spaces the same as car’s dashboard.

Whole new iGame-Zone II can adjust the monitoring information such as frequency, fan speed and temperature and so on. Colors and flicker frequency of RGB logo can be changed while using iGame-Zone II.

These cards definitely indicate family style as they all have familiar appearances with sports car; iGame Full-Armor backplate ensures to improve card integrity as well as connect security. The cooler equips with three Saw Sickle dual balls fans to keep it cool while in operation.
Though have unified design opinion, these cards are still designed with their own features in detail. Except for different specifications, iGame GTX1080 Vulcan X OC has the same iGame totem texture with iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC as well as iGame GTX1070 Vulcan X OC equips with wire drawing technology that iGame GTX1060 Vulcan X OC 6G also has.