Colorful Unveils their iGame GTX 1080 KUDAN with hybrid cooler

Colorful at their CGU (Colorful Games Union) event has show-off its new iGame GTX 1080 KUDAN, which is a 4-slot monstrous graphics card with a hybrid design to keep the card nice and cool during overclocking. The cooler has a triple-slot, triple-fan over an aluminum heatsink array on top of the GPU combine with a watercooling-powered backplate, which can be used in conjunction with the card’s own air cooling or a custom water-loop.


igame-gtx-1080-kudan-4The iGame GTX 1080 KUDAN comes with a factory overclock of 1936 MHz and the memory running at reference speeds of 10 GHz. The card also has an overclocking BIOS should help push the card even higher. Colorful used a custom PCB design with dual 8-Pin connectors which should be enough to power everything. The display output includes 1x DVI, 1x HDMI and 3x DisplayPort.

igame-gtx-1080-kudan-2 igame-gtx-1080-kudan-3

Colorful didn’t reveal any pricing or availability yet, but the card is expected to launch somewhere in December or January, maybe at CES.