Competitive Mode of Overwatch launches for PC

Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is going to be public today. This news was founded by a French-speaking European player who has seen that a new set of patch notes release for today in the client, although it doesn’t appear the patch itself has gone out where just yet.



Overwatch’s Competitive Mode means ranking and seasons for those interested in a challenge and watching where they stand on a global stage, as well as golden weapons and other rewards.

And the other changes are the patch include another Widowmaker nerf (her ultimate callout can now be heard globally), improved performance, removal of the “avoid player” option (which was borking matchmaking and causing great players to have to wait for ages to get into a game), and various bug fixes, among other changes.

This update is now only for PC – rumor is a similar update will be going live July 5 on the console.

Update 6/28/16: Blizzard has confirmed the update is going live on PC today; a console update will go live sometime next week.

Update 6/28/16: The update is now live on PC.