Cooler Master Announces Availability of Its MWE GOLD PSU

Cooler Master, celebrating its 25th anniversary, announces the latest upgrade in their 80 plus Gold efficiency family of products: MasterWatt MWE Gold. As power efficiency increases in popularity, Cooler Master has invested in a new series of power supply to answer the increased consumer demand. While 90% efficiency is standard, the MasterWatt MWE Gold, brings significant improvements in reduction of noise and increased durability. An investment into bringing DC-to-DC topology to the MasterWatt MWE Gold lines resulted in better durability and efficiency in high demand conditions. Cooler Master’s design is available in outputs from 450-750W, with 110-240vAC inputs in both fully modular and non-modular variants.

Cooler Master Announces Availability of Its MWE GOLD PSU

Increased Performance

With a Gold efficiency, comes added expectations of better performance, MasterWatt MWE delivers both 90% efficiency as well as leading regulation, stability and reliability. A MasterWatt MWE Gold is built to deliver +12V rail regulation of 3%, thereby increasing stability of components. A single +12V rail contributes to a design compatible with any modern PC component. Cooler Master’s, stable design uses internal capacitors selected for operation at 45°C thereby providing rated output with less derating above 25°C. MasterWatt MWE Gold power supplies have a significant edge in their segment, including these design features while remaining affordable.

Cooler Master Announces Availability of Its MWE GOLD PSU

A Global Standard

Beyond enhanced specifications, Cooler Master surveyed their extensive network of distributors and partners. Thus these power supplies deliver better performance while maintaining cost efficiency. MasterWatt MWE Gold models will be available wherever Cooler Master products are sold and covered by a 5-year local warranty. Each model meets international safety standards, environmental production standards and are equipped with full protection of safeties. In addition, the design meets strict targets of lower noise pollution under 20dBA thanks to the inclusion of Cooler Master’s own proven Silencio fans featuring sealed, LDB bearings.


Easy to Build, Easy to Use

Cable clutter becomes obsolete with MasterWatt MWE Gold M, a fully modular M model. These M models designate fully modular cables that provide enhanced cable management, especially within Cooler Master’s MasterCase cases. Cooler Master will also collaborate with cable sleeving partners to provide individually sleeved cable accessories following the 25th anniversary launch.

Cooler Master Announces Availability of Its MWE GOLD PSU“We are excited to offer a new generation of PC users our MasterWatt MWE Gold M line. We deliver a more affordable, more configurable yet standardized solution. Our research has anticipated the needs of global users delivering a balance of price with performance – We are proud of this solution.” said Ron Classen, Director of Product Marketing for Cooler Master’s Power Solutions Division.

While the MasterWatt MWE Gold M features standard black modular cables, the MasterWatt MWE Gold will have flat, fixed, sleeved cables. With these significant launches, Cooler Master expects to relentlessly improve choices in power supplies, thus providing users with the most competitive solutions at Gold efficiencies.

The MasterWatt MWE Gold models will be available on June 2018.