Cooler Master Announces Hyper 212X and TX3i CPU Coolers


Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the Hyper 212X and Hyper TX3i air CPU coolers. Building on its Hyper 212 and Hyper TX3 predecessors Cooler Master focused on the ease of upgrading, ensuring that simple upgrades are completed with ease allowing system builders to focus on more complex aspects. The Hyper 212X is a universally compatible cooler. It’s an ideal upgrade for improving the performance and noise levels in a PC, from a gamer who begins playing more intense games, to the overclocker who wants to achieve better clock speeds or the PC builder who needs a quieter environment.

Hyper 212XHyper 212X-1

The Hyper TX3i is an Intel compatible cooler, a simple and affordable upgrade for a stock cooler, or for a CPU that comes with no heat sink. Quiet, reliable, and still able to achieve impressive temperatures the TX3i is simple to fit with a push pin configuration, and compact enough to fit in most chassis with ease. Not happy to sit back and applaud the success of its 212 and TX3 coolers, Cooler Master continued to update the manufacturing process, from essential heat pipe soldering methods, to how Cooler Master packaged the cooler and fittings. The overall experience has been improved, not only bringing better temperatures, but also a more quick and simple fitting process.

Hyper TX3iHyper TX3i-2


Pricing & Availability

The Hyper 212X and Hyper TX3i are available at European retailers now for a suggested retail price of €29.50 and €18.50 excluding VAT respectively.

Hyper 212X-2 Hyper TX3i-1

For more information, visit the product pages of the Hyper 212X and the Hyper TX3i.