Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L White Review

Packaging & Product Overview

The Masterkeys Pro L White comes in a cardboard box, with no nonsense marketing printed on the box. At the front, we can see the picture of the keyboard and the name with the back consist of features highlight.

Inside the box, we found the keyboard itself with a detachable USB cable, a keycaps puller, and essential quick start guide (to help with lighting and other control instruction).

The Masterkeys Pro L White looks like the design evolution of older QuickFire series. The design is mostly flat with no wasted space outside of the keys area. To maintain the minimalist design language, Cooler Master did not even place their logo on the keyboard’s body; they just replace Windows key logos with their logo.

The keyboard is in US layout with standard 104 keys with four extra keys added above the numeric pad area. These four additional keys above the numeric pad area allow quick profile switching.

All the keyboard’s advanced functions and programming are controlled by holding the Fn key and then pressing designated keys to activate the secondary functions. When the Fn key is being held, the F1-F4 keys control the backlighting brightness and modes, the arrows keys adjust the lighting effect speed and alternate cycle keys, the F5-F8 keys change the repeat rate, F9 locks the Windows keys, F10 to Pause offer on-the-fly Macro programming options. For basic media and volume controls are provided as a secondary function on the Ins-Home-Del-End-Page Up-Page Down keys. To reset everything to default press Fn+ E and to default selected profile press Fn+R.

Removing the keycap, we can see the Cherry MX Brown switches. The Cherry MX Brown switches offer tactile feedback as the key actuates but didn’t make a clicky noise like MX Blue. The keys have a noticeable bump which lets you know that your key press has been registered. This Masterkeys Pro L White comes with white backlighting, and the keycaps are made of ABS plastic and the characters printed on the upper side of the caps for better backlight illumination. Cooler Master also offers these keyboards with MX Red and MX Blue switches as well RGB lighting if you want that.

The bottom of the keyboard is mostly flat with rubber feet on four corners and two rear legs that provide a fixed tilt. The keyboard’s Micro USB cable connect in the underside of the keyboard, with a cable guide towards the back or either of the sides of the keyboard to easy cable management. The Masterkeys Pro L White didn’t offer any extra USB ports or any additional features.

The detachable Micro-USB cable is braided and 1.5 meters in length. Both the USB plugs are gold plated.

This Masterkeys Pro L White comes with white LEDs to create a bright, pure white lighting effect; which current RGB LEDs cannot replicate perfectly. The lighting is adequately bright and smooth, with naturally focused at the top of each keycap, where the LED is. Though the bottom characters of the keycaps do not light up properly, as the switch blocks the LED’s light. Cooler Master integrates a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor that powers the keyboard’s independent functions. Which allows a lot of lighting modes and effects, like reactive lighting, light Wave, breathing and unique responsive effects.