Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L White Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

To test the Masterkeys Pro L White, I used it as my daily driver for a month for playing various games and as a blogger, I typed extensively on this keyboard. I used the Corsair K70 with Cherry MX Red as my primary keyboard and switching to Masterkeys Pro L White; I didn’t feel any kind of unresponsiveness in games, though typing is definitely a better experience on Cherry MX Brown switches. Few things I fillet missing like the lack of a palm rest and dedicated volume dial. It is little disappointing to see that Cooler Master didn’t think that a palm rest is important as the Masterkeys Pro L White is not a slim or low height keyboard and you need to buy an aftermarket palm rests for it.

The performance and comfort for long gaming sessions are most important for a gaming keyboard, and Masterkeys Pro L White did not disappoint in this area. Though Masterkeys Pro L White is ideal for FPS/TPS games, we would not recommend it for MMO/MOBA gaming, as the keyboard only features basic hardware-based macro programming, so you cannot make any complex macros which are a necessity in such games.

Amazone Pricing:

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Overall, Cooler Master has made the Masterkeys Pro L White as aesthetically minimalistic as possible with no compromising on build quality, but, it may be too simple for some people. Even though Cooler Master used ABS plastic to make the keyboard, it has no flex or cracking noise making it a solidly constructed piece of tech. The genuine Cherry MX Brown switches offers an identical typing experience for all keys and the promise of a long life durability, Cooler Master offing a 2-year warranty on Masterkeys Pro L White. Though this is a solid keyboard, it did have its shortcoming as well, Cooler Masters decided to implement a hardware-based programming, which may be convenient, but it also added a learning period, how everything works and it also severely limiting the customizing capability that a good software utility can offer. You can only do very simple keystroke commands and remapping with hardware-based programming. The lighting implementation is excellent, but with the software utility support, it would be much better and more customizable. The lack of a palm rests is not expected at this price point, and talking about the price, it’s around ₹10,000 in India or $110 in the US which is not cheap and they’re lots of competition at this price point without most of the shortcoming I talked about. So what we think about Masterkeys Pro L White? In summary, the Master Keys Pro L is a very reliable, high-quality mechanical keyboard for both gamers and professionals with top-notch build quality, genuine Cherry MX Brown switches with pure white customizable backlighting and on-the-fly hardware-based key customization option, we can confidently recommend it, if you are looking for a minimalistic, functional keyboard to set on your desk. We are giving it the GOLD AWARD; only if Cooler Master had given us a palm rests, I would have given it an EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD.

Masterkeys Pro L White has all the controls, lighting and programmability a gamer wants with excellent build quality

9.3 / 10 Overall
  • Great build quality
  • Genuine Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Excellent for gaming
  • Modern minimalist design
  • Software free customization
  • hardware-based programming
  • Three separate profiles
  • Two years Warranty
  • Cons
  • Lack of the palm rests
  • High price
  • Lack software suite
  • Build Quality9.5
    Typing Experience10