Cooler Master Unveils the MasterWatt Maker MIJ 1200W Limited Edition Power Supply At CES 2017

Cooler Master unveiled a limited edition of their MasterWatt line of power supply at CES 2017. The MasterWatt is a 1200W power supply, rated at 80 Plus Titanium efficiency levels, which means >94% energy efficiency but Cooler Master claims this PSU can achieve <95% efficiency levels. To achieve this kind of efficiency, Cooler Master built it exclusively with Murata components, and Cooler Master is presenting this one as the best power supply they’ve ever made. That’s why they’re putting it as a special, limited edition PSU, of which only a few thousand samples will be produced and sold: at an over $1000 price-tag.

Alongside this exclusive, MasterWatt Maker MIJ limited edition PSU, Cooler Master have also announced the impending availability of their MasterWatt Maker 1500W PSU, which packs a 7-year warranty, revised and streamlined 3D technology, and is powered by a high-end, ARM-based digital signal processor.

Like other PSU from Cooler Master’s MasterWatt line of PSUs, both the Limited Edition MasterWatt Maker MIJ 1200W and the newly announced MasterWatt Maker 1500 W will come with Bluetooth support, for connecting with your smartphone through a Cooler Master App which allows you to monitor and control the PSUs.