Cooler Master’s Master series at CES 2016

Cooler Master continued its Master brand with more product additions at CES 2016. As expected Cooler Master shows more MasterCases, but now we have a MasterWatt Maker power supply, Master liquid & air coolers, MasterKeys Pro, lastly MasterFan Pro fans. That’s lots of Master products, and Cooler Master want to give users options to build a full Master PC with it.

MasterCase Maker 5

MasterCase Maker 5 is almost same as MasterCase Pro 5 but with some addition like a new front panel, which covers the front mesh. Second deference is front I.O which not finalize but it will have USB Type-C connector and 3.0 USB connectors.

cooler-master-maker-5 Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L-Pro S



MasterWatt Maker 1200

The MasterWatt Maker 1200 is Cooler Master’s first all-aluminium, Titanium Efficiency (94%) digital power supply. Its fully modular and has Bluetooth module at back for monitoring by Cooler Master Connect app, which available for iOS, Android, and a desktop version. All brushed aluminium body look-apart, and it’s one of the best looking PSU.


MasterWatt-Maker-1200_01 MasterWatt Maker 1200 MasterWatt Maker 1200-1


MasterWatt Maker 1200 app

MasterLiquid Maker

Cooler Master preparing to enter custom-loop water cooling with MasterLiquid Maker parts, MasterLiquid Maker includes a powerful 600L pump fits directly to the reservoir, fittings, water blocks and radiator.



MasterLiquid Pro 240

The MasterLiquid Pro 240 is all new closed loop AIO with new water block and radiator. The new pump is rated for 7 years life-cycle and thicker tubing allows more water flow, there for better performance.



MasterAir Maker 8

If you want Air cooling, then Cooler Master has its MasterAir Maker 8 for you. The MasterAir Maker 8 features a 3D vapour chamber and heatpipes with dual fan push-pull configuration. The solid-copper base plate with vapour chamber desaipet heat much more efficiently. The MasterAir Maker has different shroud designs available and if you want then you can 3D printer you own shroud, 3D printer schematics are provided by Cooler Master.

masterair-maker-8 Cooler-Master-CES-2016-MasterAir-8-CPU-Fan


MasterFan Pro 120/140

MasterFan Pro series fans are specifically designed and tuned fans for different purposes, One for maximum air flow for cabinet fans, one for high static pressure for radiators, and one for balanced fan. The fans make use of POM bearings which are rated to 160,000 hours and will be available both 120mm and 140mm size.