Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB Case

CORSAIR , a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the release of the new Crystal Series 280X RGB and Crystal Series 280X MATX enthusiasts PC cases, bringing CORSAIR tempered glass design to a new smaller form factor.
Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB Case Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB CaseWith tempered glass panels in the front, side and roof, the Crystal 280X RGB provides a stunning view of your PC inside, illuminated by two LL120 RGB fans controlled by an included CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO Digital RGB lighting controller and powerful iCUE software. With 32 individually controllable LEDs to light up your system, and plentiful airflow to cool multi-core, multi-GPU systems, the 280X RGB is the clear choice for your next compact MATX system.

Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB CaseBeneath its stylish tempered glass exterior, the 280X RGB offers a wealth of features to ensure that your system looks as good inside, as it does out. A dual-chamber design keeps a system’s core hardware, such as motherboard, CPU and graphics card, on display and directly cooled by up to six cooling fans and support for up to three 240mm liquid cooling radiators*. Meanwhile, the power supply, hard drives and cabling are easily concealed in the rear chamber, with plentiful room for cable routing that means even a first-time builder can create a clean looking system.

Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB CaseIts dual-chamber design also allows the 280X RGB to offer an substantial array of system storage, with room for up to two 3.5in drives and three 2.5in drives, so a small form factor needn’t mean small capacity.

The 280X RGB’s features don’t stop when your system is finished either, with full-coverage dust filters in the front, roof and floor ensuring your system stays looking its best long after the build is over.

Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB CasePower up your system and install CORSAIR iCUE software, and you’ll discover that the 280X RGB’s lighting offers a lot more than just R, G and B. Able to control and synchronize lighting across all your compatible CORSAIR products in a single click, create custom lighting presets that react to your PC’s temperature, or turn off all system lighting with a key press, CORSAIR iCUE combines intelligent control, with unlimited possibilities. The included Lighting Node PRO Digital RGB lighting controller is all you need to connect up to six matching CORSAIR RGB fans and four CORSAIR RGB LED lighting strips, illuminating your system with vivid, dynamic RGB lighting.

Available in black or white, the Crystal 280X RGB is also available as the Crystal 280X, equipped with two CORSAIR 120 mm cooling fans, for those who’d rather keep a low profile when it comes to their small form factor system.

Cool, clear and compact, the Crystal 280X RGB and Crystal 280X offer everything you need to make your PC small in size, but big on performance.Corsair Launches Crystal Series 280X RGB Case