Corsair releases list of socket AM4 compatibility

Like other manufacturers, Corsair has confirmed that they will support AM4 socket on current AIO liquid coolers with AM4 mounting kit upgrades.

Below is a list that has been provided to us by Corsair, which lists all of the Corsair AIOs that currently support and will support AMD’s AM4 CPU socket using Corsair’s future upgrade kit.

Cooler AM4 Compatability (Right Now) AM4 Compatability with an AM4 bracket/upgrade kit
H55 No Yes
H60 Yes
H75 No Yes
H80i V2 (H80i GT) No Yes
H100i (older model) Yes
H100i GT No Yes
H100i V2 (H100i GTX) No Yes
H105 No Yes
H110i Yes
H110i GT No Yes


The new cooler mounting kit will be ship to users within the next few weeks, though there no info where the upgrade will be free or paid.