Crytek showcases and explain Hunt: Showdown gameplay

At E3 2017, Crytek showcases their new game Hunt: Showdown, which was previously known as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age. In the game, five teams to two people will have to track and kill demons and compete with one another for bounty, with action that comprises of elements of both PvP and PvE, with the mode featuring permadeath and a large in-game map.

Hunt: Showdown is powered by CryEngine, offering some great night dark environment and gloomy visuals, which makes the game more interactive. Unlike most multiplayer games, death in permanent in Hunt Showdown and when you die your items and abilities will be gone too, though your partner will have little time to revive you. But some passive “bloodline traits” will carry over to new player characters, creating a “fear of death.” All of this make gamers more careful and play stealth as possible. At this time Hunt: Showdown has no set release date.

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