Deepcool showcase new Quadstellar and more new products at CES 2017

Deepcool showcase quite a few products at CES 2017 including new cases, coolers and fans.


The most interesting of the is the Quadstellar case, which is the successor of highly successful Mini-ITX Tristellar case launched back in May 2015. The Quadstellar has everything that Tristellar offered and updated it to one stapes higher.

The Quadstellar has room for a full ATX motherboard, long graphics card, full-size PSU, up to nine 3.5” hard drives, or twelve 2.5” units. The Quadstellar’s compartments are optimized for air flow and room for up to a 360mm radiator up front and a 240mm unit at the bottom. The Quadstellar will be available in the May 2017.


Ark 90

The Ark 90 is traditional layout case and features tempered glass panels. The case has room for an E-ATX motherboard and comes with integrated a Captain 280EX all-in-one liquid cooling system into the case, which goes as far as having a front-mounted flowmeter that spans all the way from the bottom to the top of the case. In addition to the built-in water cooling system, the Ark 90 also has room for 360mm radiators at the top and front of the chassis, as well as a rear-mounted 120mm unit. The Deepcool Ark 90 also feature RGB lighting system that allows you to simultaneously change the color of the flowmeter, CPU water block, LED strips, and the PSU shroud. The Ark 90 is also coming in May 2017 and no word on pricing.


Earlkase and Baronkase

The final two cases are Earlkase and Baronkase, which will launch in April. Both cases has supports for an ATX board, and it comes with a Captain series cooler built-in.

The Earlkase comes with Captain 140EX liquid cooler pre-installed. It’s also split into two parts inside, has LED strips and a flow indicator, and comes with a tempered glass side panel. The Baronkase is little smaller chassis and comes with a Captain 120EX liquid cooler installed and RGB lighting effects.

Pricing for these cases will cost at $150 and $130 for the Earlkase and Baronkase, respectively.


New Fans and Coolers

Deepcool also showcases two new RGB fans and an RGB Captain liquid cooler at the show floor. The MF120 and MF120GT RGB come with aluminum alloy frames, but the MF120 has a “frameless” design. These fans have PWM control support over a range from 500-2,200 RPM, and RGB lighting support through the Gamer Storm control app.

The Captain EX RGB is the same design as existing Captain liquid coolers, but packing RGB light into the CPU block. The TGB lights controlled by included controller, or through RGB headers on supporting motherboards.

The fan kits will ship in April for $89 and $99 for three-packs of the MF120 and MF120GT, respectively, whereas the Captain 120EX RGB and Captain 240EX RGB will be available in March for $100 and $130.