EA confirms that Mass Effect Andromeda’s system requirements are for 30FPS gameplay

EA has now confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda’s PC requirements are for 30FPS gameplay, with minimum requirements predicting framerates of 30FPS at 720p Low settings.

The recommended PC system requirements, which include a GTX 1060 or an RX 480 and 16GB of system memory with i7 or FX-8 core CPU for a targeted framerate of 30FPS at 1080p high settings.

This information is somewhat disappointing as developer is decided to make the game for 30fps, though this will mean that PC gamers will have a difficult time achieving solid 60FPS framerates, calling into question why Bioware, EA, and NVIDIA are pushing so hard to deliver 4K 60FPS gameplay almost exclusively before launch when such framerates are nearly impossible outside of a high-end SLI and Crossfire setups on PC. Which makes question the game’s success as most gamers will reject 30FPS gameplay. Also especially for console gamers who cannot adjust the game’s graphical settings, means the game picture quality will be different greatly between PC and Console version of the game. That being said it does showcase how EA has chosen to deliver higher fidelity visuals at the expense of high in-game framerates and resolutions on PC and consoles.