EA shows new Mass Effect Andromeda footage, but no release date announced at E3

BioWare showcase one of the most anticipated games, the Mass Effect Andromeda. We expect a great gameplay unveil but instead we only got a little footage of the game.

BioWare’s Aaron Flynn did say that Mass Effect: Andromeda will use DICE’s Frostbite engine to deliver unprecedented freedom and visuals.

“In Mass Effect; Andromeda, you are part of an ambitious expedition in the Milky Way Galaxy to help humanity find a new home. You travel millions of light years across the galaxy…to wake up. So what now? Everything is new. You encounter new species, new technologies. You have to be among the most courageous to make this journey; because in this galaxy, you’re the alien. How far will we go? That question is also at the heart of Mass Effect: Andromeda,” BioWare’s Aaron Flynn said on stage.

“The original Mass Effect trilogy was an amazing story, and its the heart of what we do. But this…this is a whole new adventure. We’re building on the things you love about Mass Effect: amazing stories and gameplay and now we’re letting our imaginations run wild. This is a bigger adventure filled with a whole new cast of characters, and more freedom than we’ve ever given to a BioWare game before. And for the first time, it’s all powered by Frostbite.”

“This means you’re going to see, hear, and feel Mass Effect like never before. That’s our promise to you.”