EA’s new Competitive Gaming Division for eSports

With the entire eSports coming to its age, so EA has decided to enter eSports with the announcement of a new Competitive Gaming Division.

EA's new Competitive Gaming Division for eSports

EA’s new Competitive Gaming Division is being led by Peter Moore. Peter Moore was the former COO and EA Sports President for EA. The target of EA’s Competitive Gaming Division is to push eSports opportunities using EA titles, such as the Battlefield, Madden NFL and FIFA franchises. EA’s eSports division will be organic and direct live events, and broadcasting featuring eSports, as well as creating new, officially branded competitive experiences.

Todd Sitrin, the former Senior Vice President of Product Marketing for EA will be leading the strategy and operations as SVR and General Manager of the Competitive Gaming Division for EA. It wasn’t too long ago that Activision announced its new eSports division, led by the Steve Bornstein former CEO of ESPN and the co-founder of MLG.