EK announce their Supremacy Evo 10th Anniversary waterblock

EK has announced their 10th Anniversary Supremacy Evo water block, which is a limited edition gold plated remake of EK’s flagship EK-Wave water block, originally launched back in 2006. EK come a long way and water cooling has advanced over the last 10 years.

This new 10th-anniversary Supremacy Evo water block will be usable with Intel’s LGA 115X series sockets and LGA 2011(-3) sockets and will ship this kit with a secret surprise which will only be revealed once these units’ ship to end users.

Below is a statement from Edvard König, the founder of EK Water Blocks:

From my humble beginnings and experiments with liquid cooling, we managed to establish EK as a top brand in the industry, with a wide portfolio of products and solutions for our global partners.

All this would not be possible without passion and enjoyment in the work we do every day. This 10th Anniversary Supremacy EVO is the result of our journey so far and thank you, the fans and enthusiasts, for sharing this journey with us.

EK will only make 100 of this special edition Supremacy Evo 10th Anniversary water cooling kits, with each of the 100 Supremacy Evo water block coming with an engraving which tells users which of the 100 they bought. Though EK didn’t reveal the pricing of this limited edition unit; it will be released in EK’s official webshop next week.