EK Announces Radeon RX 480 Water Blocks

EK Water Blocks announced its full-coverage water block for AMD Radeon RX 480 (model: EK-FC RX-480). The block is designed for the reference-design RX 480 PCB; the block features single-channel flow that covers the GPU, memory, and VRM, with a micro coolant channel over the GPU for better heat dissipation.

EK RX 480 Water Blocks

The RX 480 block is coming in four variants, exposed copper block with clear acrylic top, exposed copper with opaque POM acetal top, and nickel-plated copper with acrylic/acetal tops. Also, the upcoming Radeon RX 470 features the same reference PCB design layout so that this block may be compatible with RX 470 too. Although EK does not confirm that, no pricing has been announced.