Epic Games Forums Hacked and over 800,000 passwords, email addresses and user data stolen

The official discussion board for Epic Games, frequented by developers and gamers of Unreal Engine, “Unreal Tournament,” and soon “Paragon,” was hacked, exposing dates of birth, IP addresses, registration dates, registration e-mail addresses, and allegedly passwords, of over 800,000 users, reports The Hacker News. The hackers reportedly got access to data by exploiting a vulnerability in the outdated version of vBulletin that Epic Games was using.
Epic Games Forums get Hacked

However, Epic Games denies that they got hacked, and hackers get their hands on passwords. They stated, “We believe a recent Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament forum compromise revealed email addresses and other data entered into the forums, but no passwords in any form, neither salted, hashed, nor plaintext.” Also, ZDNet reports that a larger portion of the vBulletin database, which includes user posts and private messages, could also have been stolen as well.