Escape from Tarkov new screenshots looks very impressive

The developer Battlestate Games has been busy with Escape from Tarkov, their new hardcore story-driven MMOFPS game to make it as impressive as possible. The game was in closed Alpha form for a while now, but the studio is continuing its work on large-scale online testing and performance optimization. Recently, the developer has made massive upgrades to the graphics engine adding more graphic options, which looks positively awesome.

escape-from-tarkov-4 escape-from-tarkov-5

  • The team has said that they have made “significant engine changes”, teasing: “
  • Improved shaders with added Physically Based Rendering (PBR) features
  • Ambient light portals (improved indoor lighting
  • Complete and improved sky lighting in full daylight cycle
  • New Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Contact Ambient Obscurance
  • New tone mapping
  • Eye adaptation
  • Improved SSR (screen space reflections)
  • New color correction
  • Reworked and improved most of the materials and textures of characters, weapons, and objects
  • Optimized terrain and vegetation

escape-from-tarkov-2 escape-from-tarkov-3 escape-from-tarkov-6Escape from Tarkov is expected to enter closed beta testing later this year, but Battlestate Games still not provided a release date for the game.